Do you desire to learn how to communicate, handle and work with entities?
Who or what are you already aware of that if you had the tools to communicate
with would make life a LOT easier?

Are you willing to get over all fear and resistance to entity awareness?

Are you ready to literally discover A WHOLE NEW WORLD?


Join us for TTTE A Whole New World where you will learn how to develop your own awareness and change the way you see and work with the spirit world. Using the tools and processes of Access Consciousness® you will gain greater clarity with the magic and ease the spirit world can truly be while simultaneously getting rid of all difficulty and reaction you may have to entity awareness.

Some of the subjects covered in this 2 day class will be:

  • Introduction to the Access Consciousness Processes
  • Getting out of Fear and into Potency with Entities
  • Getting rid off all the lies you have bought about Entities
  • Everything you should have been told about Entities
  • Identifying your Entity awareness signs
  • Clearing and Communicating with Entities
  • Different Kinds of Entities
  • And much, much more

Shannon’s Talking to the Entities class was so much more than I expected. I signed up because of my curiosity of what is possible in this area. I really had no conscious awareness of how they were showing up in my life. Shannon empowered me to tap into my own awareness and connect with entities. Amazing things have been showing up for me since taking this class and now I have tools and exercises to strengthen my awareness. – C. DiDomenico New York, N.Y.

Welcome to a whole new way of being in the world and opening up to the profound power that being with entities can be.

The pre-requisites for this class are the Access Bars Class with any Access Consciousness Certified Bars Facilitator worldwide.

What do you know that you are pretending not to know and denying that you know?


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