Talk To The Entities (TTTE) Intro is a two-hour live class conducted around the world and usually precedes a live TTTE A Whole New World class.

TTTE Intro is a great way to get your feet wet with TTTE and begin to see the breadth and depth of this work and how it will apply to you.

If you have been scared of ghosts, this class is for you. If you have consciously sought to develop greater ability in this area, this class is for you.

What if the majority of what you have been taught and told about entities and ghosts was not true? What if what is true is that nothing will hurt you but you, everything will contribute to you if you will let it and there is a magical world of beings humming away just waiting for us to play?

Let’s begin to unlock what keeps you from having easy awareness and ability in this area by using the amazing clearing power of Access Consciousness™.

The ease of awareness and the joy of receiving are just around the corner. Unlock the mystery of the spirit world and gain access to so much!!

You can find Shannon’s most recent TTTE Intro Class* in store:   CLICK HERE

*Please note class is live translated into German as Shannon speaks English.


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